Client Reviews

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Lisa Kaplan, MFT

5.0 star rating
Nancy B.
My husband and I hit an impasse several months ago and sought Lisa's help. Within one session we were back on the path to reconnecting. Lisa gave us a couple of excellent tools to use on an ongoing basis to communicate on a deeper and more productive level, and over the course of a couple of months she helped us practice using these tools. Our marriage has taken a wonderful turn and it was amazing how quickly we were able to move towards each other again, instead of away. We totally recommend Lisa.

Fran W.

Lisa is great! My husband and I decided to seek out a marriage counselor after 6 years of marriage and 2 children. We were both happy in our marriage, but it was not always ideal. We found ourselves having a difficult time communicating and repeating the same arguments over and over again. Lisa coached us through many of these arguments and gave us the communication tools to handle any that might arise in the future! We both really enjoyed our sessions with Lisa and found that it was so valuable to seek her help at this time in our relationship!

Jeanine E.


I originally contacted Lisa because we reached a point where (after 17yrs.) we had a total communication breakdown to the point where we couldn't enjoy each other's company the same anymore.  It always felt like work.  We bickered all the time.
Lisa helped us be more kind and have understanding for each other's opinions and experiences...and learn how to communicate in a healthy way. We rarely bicker anymore, but when we do, we now know how to get ourselves out of it quickly and keep the peace. We are now on the same team.  We are so much happier now have fun together every day:)
Thank you Lisa for helping us get back on track!!!


Doug A.


Lisa has a complete calm cool demeanor about her which allows my wife and I to feel so comfortable to open up to her. Lisa has been

very instrumental in our successful marriage, she understands our needs and is very eager to help with any misunderstandings.


Thanks Lisa!



Lisa M.
Lisa is absolutely amazing!!!!!!  She has been instrumental in helping to mend a relationship that , in my opinion, was beyond repair.  We had been to a few couples counselors in the past that we thought were good but somehow we still ended up right back where we started after a "temporary bandaid" had been put in place.  Once we started seeing Lisa we realized that we didn't know the first thing about working on our relationship.  Without her patience, kindness and genuine interest in helping us heal as a couple, we never would have known just how much we really love each other and how much our relationship means to one another.

17 years together and we ready to give up and walk we are getting to know each other all over again and remembering why we fell in love 17 years ago.

Truly amazing is the best description I can think of to describe my experience with Lisa.




Kim S.


My husband and I were in a very negative place in our relationship. We weren't communicating and seemed more like roommates than a couple that had been together almost 36 years. We knew we needed help. After the first visit with Lisa

we both knew that this was the person who was going to get us back on track. The "Imago" approach to couples

counseling was so enlightening and made it easier for us to understand what we needed to do to start rebuilding a healthy and happy relationship.

This is a new beginning for us. We are so grateful to Lisa and all that she has taught us.

Heather A.
My fiance and I found Lisa about a year and a half ago when we were in the middle of wedding planning and moving in together (!). We couldn't seem to stop fighting about everything much less understand where the other was coming from.
Lisa was a life (and marriage) saver. She really taught us to learn to listen to what the other is saying and try to understand where we are each coming from and why we each feel the way we do.

My new husband and I have grown and matured so much through this process and Lisa came not a moment to soon.

Joanne B.
After 30 years of being together and last kid off to college we were barely tolerating each other. My husband moved out,  filed for divorce  thinking that's what I wanted too. Wrong! Thank God I found Lisa who very gently renewed our relationship and saved our marriage. Now our relationship is back on track and we have the tools to work out our issues.

Liz D.
Lisa is awesome! She has taken our calls off of the clock and checked in periodically to see how my boyfriend and I are doing. She has definitely helped our relationship as well as helped build our individual communication skills.

Affordable and empathetic I would (and have) suggested her to friends.

Eric M.
While Lisa now specializes in couples therapy Lisa has been my therapist for many years. Going to speak with her is both comfortable and professional. I have learned a tremendous amount about myself and my girlfriend from seeking out Lisa's help and advice. I especially like her approach, Imago therapy, which clicked with me from the start and seems so logical to me. Lisa helps me see things in a different light, both my actions and my girlfriends, which enables me to change my behavior for the better without feeling forced to do so. While going to her (and putting in the work yourself) will help your relationship invaluably, you also get the free benefit of being  a better person in general. I highly recommend seeking her out if you need relationship advice.

Sterling C.
My Wife and I have never been happier before and communicated so well since we started seeing Lisa. The tools that Lisa has provided us with, help us reconnect and find the fun and love our marriage had been missing. Thank You Lisa! I would recommend my friends and anyone to see Lisa because I know she can help!