Individual Therapy and Couples Counseling

Communication is a major part of any relationship, whether with a loved one, a family member, or even yourself. My goal for every individual therapy and couples counseling session is to help you learn the necessary communication skills that lead to a healthy and happy relationship.

Imago Couples Counseling

Located in Walnut Creek, California, I offer individual and couples therapy, as well as marriage counseling services to residents in the surrounding areas. I employ the Imago approach to marriage counseling. This approach helps clients reach into their unconscious and redevelop a conscious desire for real love and safety. You will find a new connection to your partner that may have been long lost.
I have helped many couples work through their conflicts and learn how to communicate in a way that leaves you more connected than you have ever been before. In our sessions, we will put into place communication tools, which facilitate listening and understanding at a deeper level. You will begin to see things through the eyes of your loved one and gain a better understanding of the feelings and thoughts of your partner.
I will provide you with structure in your communication so you will have a safe environment in which to work through difficult times. As a couple, you can practice these skills at home and begin to see improvement quickly. As it goes with everything in life, you will get as much out of the process as you put in!

Individual Therapy

As a marriage and family therapist, I also see adults individually. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, so we can talk through difficult subjects with ease.

I can help you deal with the various life challenges everyone experiences. This includes depression, anxiety, relationship issues, self-esteem, and many other obstacles that can seriously affect your day-to-day quality of life.

Together, we can work through it all. Make an appointment today, so you can finally find freedom from stress and unhappiness in your relationships, your family, or with yourself!

If you need help with your relationship, or if you’d like to help yourself, contact me today to schedule an appointment.